Tron Costume

•10/26/2011 • Leave a Comment

Here are some preliminary pictures of my Daughter’s Quorra costume – I’ll add more once the Disc attaches to the costume!

Tron Disc Instructable + Linkage

•09/02/2011 • Leave a Comment

I recently wrote an Instructable on a Tron Disc mod I did for my daughter’s Halloween costume.  It’s been linked by several sites, so I wanted to share the various places I’ve seen it show up:


LadyAda’s Blog

Hack A Day

I think there were more – I’ll update as I find them.


Also – the inspiration for the project was found Here

New Blog

•08/30/2011 • Leave a Comment

Honestly, it’s been quite a while since I’ve actively blogged.  I used to do a lot of work-related blogging at geekswithblogs, but that site is mainly .Net related, so I decided to start something new.  I have some posts to make about my daughter’s Tron costume and new hardware I’ve received, so hopefully I’ll have some good content shortly.


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